Exactly the Same but Completely Different

Dated: October 5 2019

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  Todays real estate industy puts the realtors in a contstant state of change.  All looking for the newest crm, lead gen, or any other perverbial shiney penny, and all the time they are stareing at the little picture instead of the big picture. With all the technology we have at our disposal we sometimes dont for get where we came from. What we do hasent changed the how we do it has.  All industrties go through innovation and real estate is no different, actually its probally the one industry that hasent changed much over a long period of time. 

I speak this way frankly because im am a second generation Realtor who has watch the industry canibisle itself over the last 40 years for a multutude of reasons, however the biggest I believe is the lack of precieved exceptional experience that we believe we deliver to our clients and cusotmers. The essentials of connecting with people and not the transaction.  In a world where we are so connected we are so disconnected.  We are disconnected where a hand shake has been replaced with a text or even worse and Emoji??  Where sitting with a first time home buyer and explaining what a 30 year committiment really means has changed to an email and a you tube video on homeownership.  In service today you are dealing with a persons best experience in most everthing they expext service from because of a smart phone.  You are able to get to order car and your diner ans set you thermostate all iside of 2 mins.  And also have pretty much anything delivered to your home the same day.  That hard to keep up with 

With all the new law suits on agency i believe this fiber of relpationship will deteriort even more if the remove represetation.  I essence you are telling the client or customer i have no responsibility to either of you my only concern is the deal being done "alla " getting paid. Which i do understand you cant serve two masters and im surprised these law suits are new, i do believe to ask anyone for a fee or commission you must provide some sort of value and in our business its service. If i cant provide service and held to some sort of accountibility then what are we really worth ??

In short there are players in this indusry that are soley concentrationg on how to streamline and make the home buying and selling process as simple and easy as possible and for that reason the people who choose to to ignore the consumers demand for the best experience will suffer in the long run.

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